Loquito's Tacos - Hoboken, NJ
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Loquito – Labanese Fusion -Hoboken, NJ

Loquito Lebanese Tacos - Hoboken, New Jersey
Loquito Lebanese Tacos – Hoboken, New Jersey

Well… time for something different, I’ve been apartment hunting across Northern New Jersey recently and I discovered Loquito, a Lebanese/Mexican Fusion taco spot that looked review worthy. A Lebanese taco really isn’t a crazy idea since one of Mexico’s favorite tacos, the Al pastor has Arabic origins, it’s Lebanese! Al Pastor came to be from Lebanese immigrants who moved to Mexico in the early 1900’s, if you’ve had shawarma before you can see the similarity in how the dishes are prepared. Loquito has a few spots to dine in against the walls and windows but, mainly this looks to be a quick take out spot (due mainly to the size of the space they are in).

Loquito - Labanese Tacos - Menu at Hoboken, New Jersey
Loquito – Labanese Tacos – Menu at Hoboken, New Jersey

The menu is of course a fusion of Lebanese and Mexican. I went with two tacos for The OG (chicken shawarma). Being transparent I’ve probably only had shawarma a few times. Overall I really judge the freshness of the ingredients and quality of the meat. The meat on the shawarma was cooked well and the flavoring was mild. The freshness of the toppings (pico de arabes: cucumber, tomatoes) were great, Middle Eastern/Mediterranean seasoning like Labanese Toum with garlic and lemon balanced out the flavors. In place of a tortilla, your taco will be served on Tandoori Mountain bread. A corn tortilla option is available at Loquito but I wanted to enjoy the food as Loquito intended. Off the bat I think replacing the tortilla made me feel like I was no longer at a taqueria. Each bite I pulled with my teeth from the bread, I had to fight with the idea that I was eating a taco and not a sandwich. So anyway this might be a taco sandwich review. My next visit I will try the corn tortilla.

Shawarma and Al pastor tacos - Loquito - Hoboken, New Jersey
Shawarma and Al pastor tacos – Loquito – Hoboken, New Jersey

My first chicken shawarma taco sandwich hybrid was delicious, I just regretted not going for the optional tortilla. It might just be the mindset I was in, if you want tacos get the tortilla, if you want Labanese food, go for the Tandoori Mountain bread.

Let’s take a look at Loquito’s Al pastor taco, as mentioned al pastor has Lebanese origins. Loquito calls their version Q-Pastor, delicious pork topped with grilled pineapple, cilantro, onion and their house made hot sauce. I loved the flavor of their hot sauce, flavor not straight heat and the sweetness of the pineapple balanced everything out. Unfortunately the Tandoori Mountain bread made it difficult for me to see it as a taco. I will definitely visit this spot again and order the corn tortillas, I think that could potentially change my review and rating.

  • Solid Taco Review Score: 7.5/10
  • Taco Price: $3.25-4.25 for one taco
  • Location(s): Hoboken, NJ

217 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030

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